Smoke Alarms in bondi

Smoke alarm in bondi are a legal requirement and may be the single most important device that is directly responsible for your personal safety as well as your property. They should be installed properly and it goes without saying they should be in perfect working condition for it to be fully effective. Our electrical services Maroubra offers a comprehensive smoke alarm installation and repair services for your property.

Smoke alarm in bondi services are fully covered by our electricians and we will assist you to in your compliance requirements in the most friendly manner and hassle free service as possible. We assist you in correct placement and our services for smoke alarm in bondi covers regular tests for functioning and replacement of batteries. Most new houses comes with smoke alarms pre-installed but a safety audit will ensure that they are working and the placement fully covers the house and passes safety regulations.

While smoke alarms will sound a regular warning when the battery level goes low it is in your best interests and safety of those at home and property to check the smoke alarms regularly. Some may be at the end of their service life which is approximately ten years and may need replacement and care should be taken not to paint over them. Professional electricians bondi are required to install and service smoke alarms which are wired to the mains.

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smoke alarms in bondi


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